Rework is a creative strategy agency that is passionate about creating trendsetting projects in marketing and technology. Their mission is to help clients make innovative and tactical movements for their growth and equity. Rework helps companies to reach strategized solutions with high impact and data-driven results. They focus on creating lifestyle content with rising trends.

Partnership Areas: Brand strategy development, marketing, multimedia, editorial, photoshoot & video production

Rework Platforms: Cooklife MAG: Food, Life & People (Print MAG)
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story consultancy

Story Consultancy is an Istanbul-based product consultancy firm that specializes in developing product collections for retail brands. With a worldwide network of agents and sources, the firm is led by Firat Varisli, a seasoned buyer for major retail firms in Turkey and the Middle East (Yargıcı, Mavi Jeans, DeFacto, etc.). Story specializes in pinpointing product lines for retail companies and bringing together the right selection of products to expand collections and ultimately, their profit. With a keen design sensibility and a solid knowledge of worldwide trends, Story follows the market to pinpoint the right products to build your brand into an empire.

Partnership Areas: Retail & product development, Visual Merchandising, Collection Creation, Retail strategy